Events Quick Reference

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday Demonstrations - 9AM - 4PM
    Atlatls, Basket Weaving, Bow making, Brain Tanning, Flint Knapping and Pottery
  • Saturday Auction - 1:00PM
  • Saturday Adult Atlatl contest- 2:30PM
  • Saturday Atlatl International Standard Accuracy Competition - 4:00PM
  • Sunday Knapping Contest - 1:00PM
  • Sunday Primitive Archery Contest - 2:30PM
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All Days

Ongoing demonstrations throughout the entire weekend February 27th - March 1at 8:00 to 4:00 PM. Including flint knapping, Old and New World bow and arrow construction, primitive pottery, basketry, bone and wood carving, Atlatl manufacturing and use, and much more. All events will take place at the Festival Grounds.

Saturday February 27th

12:15 pm

Ten Speed Competition: Flintknappers will compete to see who can fashion and make the nicest arrowhead in 10 minutes. This is a fun filled event to watch and the visitor crowd gets to choose who wins!

1:00 pm

The auction is held to auction donated artwork and flint knapping materials from the many artisans and vendors. The proceeds from this auction go into the Help Our State Parks fund which in turn helps support the event through advertisement each year. This is an awesome opportunity to get a really good deal on great items, while at the same time supporting the event and State Park.

2:30 PM

Contestants compete against each other by throwing spears with a throwing stick know as an Atlatl. This is done at different distances at a numbered target. The top three throwers are awarded prizes and the honor of be the best spear thrower of the day. This contest is open to anyone who can safely compete including youth. Spectators are encouraged to attend and cheer on the contestants.

4:00 PM

World Atlatl AssociationNew this year is the Atlatl International Standard Accuracy Competition. The purpose of these rules is to provide contests that will be as identical as possible no matter when or where they take place. This degree of standardization makes it possible for atlatlists to compare their ability with others around the world without having face to face competition. The contest will also be used to identify the most accurate atlatlists in the world for any given year. Contestants are encouraged to compete several times during the year using either Primitive or Open Equipment. The highest score thrown during the year will be used for ranking purposes. Men and women of all ages will compete in the same contest. The WAA may, at its own discretion, make separate awards based on age, gender, and type of equipment used. Since this is a year long contest, the WAA will present any awards at the end of the throwing year. For more information on the World Atlatl Association you can see their website at

Sunday February 28th

1:00 pm

The knapping contest judging will be held at the registration booth. Contestants are to produce a specified Florida type projectile point. This has to be knapped on site during the Primitive Arts Festival from a spall of Florida or South Georgia material. No sawed slabs of material will be allowed. The projectile point has to be knapped in the prehistoric native style. If a Paleo style point is selected non heat-treated material is required. If an Archaic or later point is selected heat-treated material can be used. First, second and third place winners will be chosen. Judges give points for workmanship and flaking techniques, as well as comparisons to the original type as produced in the past. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Spectators are encouraged to attend and cheer on the contestants.

2:30 PM

The Primitive Archery contest will be held. Contestants must compete with hand made bows and arrows. No modern made factory equipment will be allowed. Contestants are allowed three shots each, at different distances, at a numbered target. The top three shooters will be awarded prizes. The contest is open to all who can safely compete with a bow and arrow including youth. Spectators are encouraged to attend and cheer on the contestants.

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