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To Vendors, Demonstrators and Visitors

The staff at Ochlockonee River State Park thank you for coming to the 7th Annual Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival! Over 1500 visitors entered the park during the 3 day event, with many leaving with a better understanding on how early man lived and worked. Vendors generously donated handmade items to our annual auction that earned us over 600 dollars for our Help Our State Parks Fund, which we will use for next years event.

Mr. Donnie Collins took home two awards this year, one for 1st place in the Flintknapping "Ten Speed" event and 1st place in the Primitive Archery Tournament. Way to go Donnie!

Bob Berg took 1st place in the Atlatl Competition, putting the spear where it counted! Good Job Bob! Finally, in the Rick Wiles/Buddy Page Flintknapping Competition the judging was pretty tough.

There were 9 entries submitted of the “Clay” point and it came down to almost counting flakes to find a winner. Steve Holloway’s fine example was chosen as this years best. Congratulations Steve on the win! His point will be hung on the “Wall of Champions” at the Ranger Station for all visitors of the Park to see beside other winners of the past. He now has 3 wins in this competition in 7 years.

Honorable Mention went to his friend Drew Davis with his clear colored example, better luck next year Drew!

The Staff
Park Manager Robert Steele
Park Services Specialist Jason Vickery
Park Ranger Stephen Carter
Administrative Assistant Marcia Brock