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2009 Primitive Bow Contest ParticipantsThe different competitions that are held at the Ochlockonee River Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival serve several purposes.  First and most important is to educate people about the world’s rich prehistory by demonstrating the tools and techniques used by stone aged peoples from Florida and other parts of the world. The other very important thing that we are trying to accomplish through the competitions, is to provide an interesting and enjoyable experience for park visitors while educating them and providing a venue for the artisans to demonstrate their skills and artwork.

Atlatl ThrowingAtlatl Throwing

The Ochlockonee River Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival has an annual atlatl contest at the event. This contest consists of contestants throwing atlatl darts (spears) at a numbered target at set distances. The contestants get three throws at each distance. The contestant with the highest score wins the contest. Prizes are given for first second and third place. There are novice and advance categories

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Primitive Bow CompetitionPrimitive Bow Competition

The Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival host an annual archery contest. This contest is for primitive hand made bows and arrows. No modern bows or factory made arrows will be allowed. Contestants each receive five shots total at five predetermined distances at a numbered target. The archer with the highest average score wins the contest. There are prizes awarded for first, second and third place winners in both advanced and novice categories.

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2008 Simpson Point - Entries for Knappin ContestKnapping Contest

Every year at the Primitive Arts Festival the Buddy Page- Rick Wiles Knapping Contest is held. The contest is held in honor of Buddy Page a pioneer diver in Florida’s Rivers who discovered many submerged cultural sites including the Page Lodson site on the Aucilla River.

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