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Anyone can donate items that fit the theme of stone aged type artwork or supplies. To do this just take your items to the information tent during the event from Friday morning until around noon on Saturday and sign a donation form describing your donated item.

Items that have been donated in the past range from beautifully made projectile points, primitive style pottery, hand made beadwork, wood carvings, bows, arrows, Atlatls, knapping supplies, and different stone/minerals from around the world. This has been a great benefit for the event and park.

Each year the Artist at the Ochlockonee River Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival donate art or flint knapping materials to be auctioned off to benefit the next years event. The proceeds from this auction go into the Help Our State Parks fund, which is earmarked for Ochlockonee River State Park. Last year’s proceeds from the action have helped provide tents and other items needed to promote and maintain the event.

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