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Events Quick Reference

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday Demonstrations - 9AM - 4PM
    Atlatls, Basket Weaving, Bow making, Brain Tanning, Flint Knapping and Pottery
  • Saturday Auction - 1:00PM
  • Saturday Adult Atlatl contest- 2:30PM
  • Saturday Atlatl International Standard Accuracy Competition - 4:00PM
  • Sunday Knapping Contest - 1:00PM
  • Sunday Primitive Archery Contest - 2:30PM

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  • The art of flint knapping started when one of the hominids cracked one rock against another and created a sharp edge and realized “hey I can cut something with this”.

    This happened somewhere in Africa over one million years ago and the guy or gal that discovered this did not look a lot like us modern humans. From Africa the art of flint knapping, the fashioning stone into tools by flaking or chipping ...
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  • No one really knows how long brain tanning has been practiced. The natives in the Americas utilized this technique to manufacture fine suede leather used to make clothing and other items.

    In most of North America deer seem to have been the preferred animal for this. This is where the name buck skins came from, for the native style leather pants ...
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  • Because of Florida’s unique environment many items made from perishable substances have survived from antiquity. Florida is a wet and swampy place with calcium rich rivers. Many items made from wood, bone and antler have been found preserved or sometimes fossilized. These artifacts range from the time of European contact, to the Paleo People who hunted mammoth and other mega fauna. In Newnan’s lake near present day Gainesville Florida, hundreds of dug out canoes have been found....
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  • Most primitive cultures have at some time used the bow and arrow. Although some cultures like the Inca of South America and the Aborigines of Australia preferred the use of the Atlatl over the bow. This is definitely the exception and not the rule. As the technology of the bow and arrow spread throughout the world, the Atlatl although much easier to manufacture, took the back seat to the much more stealthy and efficient bow and arrow...
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Auction Overview - Call for Donations
Updated: Wednesday January 22, 2020

The Auction of donated items draws a crowd of deal-seekersEach year the primitive artisans at the Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival hold an auction to sell items that each of th ...

How to Donate Items to the Auction
Anyone can donate items that fit...
Auctions Results
Following the 2011 Auction, resu...
Ochlockonee River State Park
Updated: Wednesday February 26, 2020
White Squirrel This scenic river park, over 543 acres large, offers vivid views of natural Florida along the Gulf Coast. Opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities on land and wat ...
Park Amenities
The peaceful and quiet atmospher...
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
The Red-cockaded woodpecker has ...
Competition Overview and Details
Updated: Saturday December 12, 2020

2009 Primitive Bow Contest ParticipantsThe different competitions that are held at the Ochlockonee River Stone Age & Primitive Arts Festival serve several purposes.  First and most important is ...

Primitive Bow Competition
The Stone Age and Primitive Arts...
Atlatl Throwing
The Ochlockonee River St...
2021 Knapping Festival

Cancelled for 2021. We hope to return in 2022.

Free with Paid Park Admission:
Park Admission is $3.00 per vehicle (Up to 8 occupants).
$2 Pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass

Join us for our fourteenth annual Stone Age & Primitive Art Festival. Gather keen insight into how early man lived and worked. Participate in demonstrations of flint knapping, the art of projectile point fashioning; along with deer hide brain tanning, bone, wood, and antler carving. 

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The dates for Annual Stone Age and Primitive Arts Festival are usually on the last weekend in February.


Letchworth - Love Mounds Archeological State Park
4500 Sunray Road South
Tallahassee, Florida 32309


George Royal, Ranger

Phone: (850) 487-7989

Email: George.Royal@dep.state.fl.us

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